The Academy is specifically designed to elevate your professional development and equip you with the knowledge and skills to take charge and reclaim control of your chosen career. The Academy is split into categories depending on your role and development need.


Speaking for results. A 2-day training & coaching for clinicians. 



Coaching for leaders & people managers looking to gain confidence. 



Continued support for qualified coaches and NLP practitioners. 


CPD Training - Speaking for Results™️

Is a Two Day Health Coaching Training course incorporating work-based learning between Day 1 & 2. Aimed at clinicians (NHS or Private) working in early years as a Speech & Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or in a role whereby you see parents and work with children either in a clinical or school setting



About our CPD training.

It’s fair to say that as a therapist, there are times at each appointment with a parent or school that feels like you are repeating the same conversation as previous weeks resulting in no or hardly any improvements made. It becomes frustrating for you the therapist, parents/schools become disengaged and as a service/department the referrals are building with an ever-increasing caseload. It doesn’t have to be this way, there is a solution – Speaking For Results™️  gives you the tools for a better way to engage with parents or in schools.

Typically the role of the Therapist is to share their specialist knowledge followed by sharing resources, strategies and tips after showing the parent/education staff the important dose of specialist therapy with the child/ren. In therapist/child interventions, the parent is often relegated to being an observer and carrying out follow-up activities involving implementing decontextualized activities that focus on skill development.

Rather than create dependency, this 2-day course teaches the therapist how to help the parent/education staff discover what they already know and therefore can do, share new information and ideas. Develop tools to achieve desired outcomes and help the parent/education staff understand the resulting reflections and actions to new/different situations.

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Upon successful completion of the training and workbased learning, delegates gain 11 CPD hours which can be included within a formal CPD record for a professional institute, regulator or employer.


You have gained the qualifications, accreditations and attended courses, yet are struggling to know or even understand what type of leader/people manager you are as you lack confidence and self belief in your role.

You are a leader or people manager working in the NHS or an organisation seeking coaching to help in times of change, or a period in your professional/personal life where you feel stuck. Gain 1 CPD hour for every 1 hour coaching session. 

Or perhaps mentoring is better suited to your needs as your primary purpose is driving personal growth, building skills, knowledge and understanding.

Mentoring is different to coaching. Its focus is much more on offering suggestions and working through different options. A mentor brings extensive experience, knowledge and influence to assist the mentee in reaching their potential and goals. The mentee brings their own personal challenges and invites the mentor into their own inner dialogue to help provide insight and intellectual challenge to move them towards their goal.

Some of the benefits of having mentoring are: 

⦁ Through the knowledge and experience of a mentor, the mentee leapfrogs the learning process, learning to avoid making the same mistakes, by having a personal ‘guide’ who has been through the journey 

⦁ Builds confidence, innovation and creativity through being challenged and inspired 

⦁ Encourages you to aim higher, step up and take leadership 

⦁ A mentor believes in you, will vouch for you, and share their network and knowledge to help support you 

⦁ Enables a reflective space for learning

Start your CPD Accredited Coaching & Mentoring Journey

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CPD Coaching Supervision

I strongly believe the standard of coaching varies among coaches.
Supervision is a powerful vehicle that demonstrates a signal of professionalism as a coach and also signals a professional approach to the coaches clients. If you are a qualified coach and/or qualified in NLP let's start your supervision journey today.





You are a coach, qualified in Life, Executive, Leadership, Health Coaching or NLP wishing to enhance your coaching compliance so as to maximise your personal and professional potential by addressing the 3 main functions of coaching supervision.

 Hawkins & Smith (2006) define 3 main functions of effective coaching supervision as: Qualitative, Development and Resourcing. Coaching Supervision is a must for any qualified coach working and impacting others lives. 

 If you are a clinician, it is standard practice to have clinical supervision as part of your development.  Yet it is less common for coaches to have coaching supervision and adopt the same standard practice for their own development. Whether you are newly qualified or an experienced coach, supervision is essential to keep yourself coaching compliant. 

Supervision is considered good practice and offers reassurance to the coach's clients. There is much written and referenced supporting research on coaching supervision.

If you are unfamiliar with how supervision works, it allows and provides the person (coachee) a supportive space to process the experiences they have had when working with their clients. It provides an opportunity to develop the practice of coaching while ensuring the coach is working within their scope of practice. 



The ICF identified key benefits for coaches who receive coaching supervision:

⦁ Increased self-awareness
⦁ Greater confidence
⦁ Increased objectivity
⦁ Heightened sense of belonging
⦁ Reduced feeling of isolation
⦁ Increased resourcefulness

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