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I am passionate about helping and supporting leaders, managers, teams and organisations evolve and thrive - It's in my DNA.
Equipping leaders and managers with the right skills at the right time to stand out authentically in their role while being a role model for their team is my speciality.

I believe in confronting challenges to cultivate a thriving workplace environment, in a positive intentional disruptive way that acknowledges existing issues within team dynamics and management approaches.

Every organisation is different, they may have similar challenges yet each is unique in their culture, mission and values. Therefore my approach is not cookie cutter, it is tailored, even the off-the-shelf courses I offer, because I believe every training/course/development has a wider impact than just stand-alone.


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My Philosophy in Organisations. 


Dysfunction within the team, reflects in the lack of trust and staff engagement across organisation, as highlighted by staff surveys as an example. The familiar term of 'you said we did' can sometimes appear to scratch the surface of deeper-rooted problems, from workplace conduct to leadership standards.

Recognising that a change in behaviour cannot be achieved through conventional training courses. True transformation occurs not in the training room but in the day-to-day workplace interactions and the adoption of new behaviour patterns. Keeping to a recurring pattern of sticking to traditional training methods without adequately measuring their impact on workplace dynamics will perpetuate the same issues repeatedly.

My approach is collaborative working , and co-creating solutions to meet your needs, not just now but in the near future. Taking on board what you currently offer aligned to your outcomes and combining an array of modalites to choose from, you are guaranteed the appropriate solutions are combined to meet your outcomes. Moving away from temporary solutions, to tackle the root causes of organisational challenges. By doing so, we aim to boost staff retention, reduce sickness and grievances, and enhance overall staff engagement, thereby positively impacting morale and trust.

I am a firm believer that any development, training or coaching is not complicated, people make it complicated, that's why I keep things simple and in our initial conversation will strip back the layers to understand the whole picture. You see I work with the whole person, meaning how you show up in business is how you show up in life - how you do one thing is how to do everything.



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