Hi I'm

Sera Johnston.


Over the years I have worked with organisations, senior leaders, people managers, clinicians and their teams,  to parents raising SEN children from across the world.

I am an international three times bestselling author and awarded a Fellow with the Institute of CPD.

Because of my 18 years experience in the NHS and previously in the private sector, coupled with raising my own child with disabilities,  I founded my company because of my passion to guide individuals to let go of labels they place on themselves and reclaim their authentic true self to lead more purposeful and fulfilling lives, in addition to supporting organisations by helping to create thriving cultures.

My clients have created impactful changes as organisations and as individuals both professionally in their organisations  and personally.

Let's create change.

A purposeful & fulfilling life.

 I'm not your conventional learning and development provider and do not follow the crowd, meaning there are no cookie-cutter approaches.

Everything I do is based on your specific needs and aligned to your outcome. I am both a trusted partner and your biggest cheerleader meaning I will support and encourage you throughout our time working together.


I look forward working with you. 


Co-creating solutions to meet your organisation's needs.



Coaching, Mentoring & Courses for SEN parents. 



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