Resilience Through Adversity...

adversity breathe cerebral palsy children with disabilities disability listen resilience support Aug 08, 2020

From my personal experience, when your child is diagnosed with a disability there is a range of emotions that you are feeling.

It is important to try and recover quickly from unpleasant situations. Here are five tips on how to be resilient through adversity!

1) Stop And Breathe

When faced with unexpected news, our world as we know it appears to fall apart in front of our eyes. Step back, sit quietly for a few moments, even close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out of your month - really feel the release of your breathe. This allows you to think much clearly and be in the moment.

2) Listen

I mean really listen so you hear the words being spoken, and not what you think you heard. When we are unsure or do not understand something, we make it 'fit' into our reality so we can make some sense of what is being said. This not only filters the truth, it also causes us to become more stressed and anxious as we are making things up in our head.

3) Ask Questions

Seems a natural thing to do, yet are you asking the right questions that leaves you feeling empowered with understanding? Avoid closed questions, as this will offer a yes or no response. Instead be clear about how you frame the question so your response is given as a much longer explanation. To gain clarity on this response start the next question with How or What. Really drill down until you completely understand. 

4) Set An Action Plan

Now you have a clearer understanding, an action plan can be designed to breakdown in to manageable chunks the steps requiring action. Start with the most urgent write the task or goal and set a time frame against this action. Continue to do this until you have assigned a time frame for each task/goal.

5) Support Network

Develop your own personal support network for your needs. Identify how your network can help you; are they part of your action plan, if so ensure you write their names down. This could be family, friends and those closest to you, yet it could be networking groups specialising to your particular needs. Seek out these support groups even if they are across the world. Never be afraid to reach out and speak to others.

Sera xx

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